Sleep Deprived Driver

Sleep deprived teenager crashes family‚Äôs minivan into the back of a pickup truck faster than 50 mph, forever changing the life of a father, dentist, respected member of our community.  Settled for the full amount of the insurance coverage, three million dollars.

Texting While Driving

Young man playing with his iPad while driving crashes into the back of a car faster than 50 mph, causing permanent facial scarring.  Filed in District Court where the maximum recovery is $75,000, and settled on the eve of trial for $70,000.

Absentee Landlord Endangers Drivers

Absentee Landlord lets cattle wander on bordering highway for years.  Many drivers were injured by the wandering cattle.  Bench trial resulted in verdict for $432,000.  Verdict appealed by defendant.  Main author of Respondent's appellate briefs, affirmed.

DISCLAIMER:  I welcome small and largesimple and complex cases.  What matters are the merits of your claim.  I have cherry picked the above sample case.  Those results are above average, and should not be used as a yardstick.  Those results were a collaborative effort, accomplished while working as an Associate Attorney at my prior law firm.  They are listed to show the quality and range of my work.  Every case is unique, every outcome is unique.