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For PERSONAL INJURY matters your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, NO OBLIGATIONS is your opportunity to ask me questions about your case.  It is my opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.  It is our opportunity to see if this is a good match of my skills and your needs.  The length of your free initial consultation for Personal Injury cases is determined by the complexity of the case.  

Contingent Fee (Personal Injury Only).  You will only pay my fee when I settle your case or win at trial.

For FAMILY LAW and COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE matters your free initial consultation is your free opportunity to learn about the different options available to you, including the difference between traditional litigation and Collaborative Divorce (RCW 7.77, Uniform Collaborative Law Act).  It is your opportunity to choose the right process for your unique situation and life circumstances, and choose an attorney that understands your goals and matches your values.  The length of your free initial consultation for Family Law and Collaborative Divorce cases is limited to 30 minutes unless we both decide that more time is needed to give you a full picture of the available alternatives.  

Contingent Fee is Forbidden for all Family Law Matters.  All credit cards accepted.  Some cases are accepted on a sliding scale to allow better access to justice.

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